Merchant SLURLS, Hints & Photos!

SCIENCE and ARTHere are our participating merchants! Disregard the landmarks in the hunt items and please use this list, as we had so many not ready at launch.  These are in order. Most have hints, any others received will be updated!

*Any shop not listed that should be, please send me a note or IM in world*

1. Rag Dollz
Prize:  1 Free $199L Gift Card to choose the costume of your choice!!
Hint: Look in the room Halloween characters would live.

2. Berthold Steampunk Works

3. Celtic Creations
Hint:  Ivy is such a pretty shade of green.

4. Le Chic

5. *Akeana'a Architecture & Accessory*
Hint:  Hint: Chandelier in the middle, double roof top GLASS - it's your own fault, if you don't want to PASS!

6. L+N Signature Designs

7. {Eclectic Muse}

Hint: I bet, you find where it is wet (yes, its the water area !).  look a bit into the past ( yes, its the vintage area !) and you will find my gift fast !

9. The Land Of Nodd

10. The Mad Hattery
Hint: Beware of gentlemen holding signs!  (the prize is actually inside a skull at this location)

11. Thistle Moon Designs

12. ***baci village***


13. Stitches Creations

14. (noctis)

15. Texture Junction
Hint: Look upstairs in the room where Halloween lives!

16. Neo Victoria

17.Always Eclectic
Hint: I think there are bats in my belfry.

18. Les sucreries de Fairy
Hint : I love gown dresses

19. Steaming Ahead
Hint:  Hey, I don't want to go to the dentist!

20. Kabuki Creations
Hint:  I can sit here and Cuddle with you for ever. Play your Guitar for me again.

21. Cake Fox
Hint: "With our antique clock parts we've taken all arts, fine art to fashion - And now we're spreading worldwide to circle the globe with a furious passion - We've got a steampunk revolution"

22. Drow Science
Hint: Gears keep the whole world turning!

23. mattie rae's textures
Hint: wait!  you're walking too fast!

24. La Boheme
Hint #1: I can see the moon from here.
Hint #2: I might fall into your hair when you pass under me.

25. Potpourri Designs
Hint: I'm keeping company with Lady Mechanika.

26. Vicarious Lee's Wildthings
Hint - Usually you'd find old gum here.

27. West Coast Influenced
Hint: This stuff is for the BIRDS!

28. Brain Circuit
Hint: You light up my world

29. The Vintage Touch
Hint: Sit on me.. I promise I won't moo!

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